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How To Make Cerasee Tea

It’s really easy to learn  how to make cerasee tea. It’s a plant native to Jamaica, and all you have to do is boil the leaves and it creates a tea, which you simply strain and drink. PhenGold

Cerasee -plajjbkjhntCerasee is rich in antioxidants, iron and vitamins. So on the surface it sounds good, and it’s this link to nutrients and detoxification which has linked it up with people trying to use cerasee tea to pass a drug test.

But what’s the deal, is any evidence that drinking cerasee tea will get you through a drug test?


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site that has an identifiable logo of a blue bird called “Larry.” It permits users to send and read short text of less than 150 characters, which are universally known as “tweets.” It was invented by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass in March 2006 and launched right after 4 months in July. Users are allowed to register into the website and create their profiles so that they can read and post tweets.
Twitter lets their members to update their profile and add images according to their needs. The members are allowed to read as well as post their tweet whereas the non-registered fellows have only one possibility to read them. The Twitter.Inc has its headquarters in San Francisco and has over 25 offices across the globe. It was proclaimed as “the SMS of the internet” and has almost 500 million users in 2015.

Tweets- The tweets are short messages that are visible publicly but the users can limit the audience of their tweets to their followers or to all people. There is also an option of Retweeting where you can forward others tweet in your account. The subscribing or the following option make users to follow certain people and are known as “followers.” They also have the choice to “unfollow” people.
Format- The users can post their topic via hashtags (#) after every words. The sign (@) is used in the username to make yourself recognizable. The messages are limited to just 140 characters. By 2009, “Twitter List” feature was added, which increases the possibility to follow the list of authors.
Content- The content and the messages seen as tweets are basically categorised into six: small talk, conversation, pass along value, self-promotion, news, and spam.
Adding and Following profiles- Twitter allows users to add followers as well as to be a follower.
Verified accounts- The verified accounts have a blue checkmark at the side of the profile. This checkmark validates the actual identity of the person and helps other members to find the correct guy rather than a fake account.
Headline feature- This adds websites to the bottom of your tweets. If a website use your tweets in one of their stories, your tweet will mention the name of the website. This will help viewer understand the reason behind using the tweet in their stories.
Notifications- It allows the users to get notified about their followers, the tweets they are replied to, the likes they receive, and others.
Messages- Twitter lets their users to use the message box to send private texts to your friends and colleagues.
The service of the Twitter grew rapidly and reported to have 340 million tweets per day in 2012. It also handles almost 1.6 million search queries every day. According to a study Twitter has become more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, but has been banned in China, Iran, North Korea, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, and Turkey. Twitter has also been adopted as an educational and learning tool in many universities and colleges.


What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the notable online social networking site that is used on a regular basis. Its history dates back in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard roommates founded Facebook. The membership of this site was confined to the Harvard students, but gradually it expanded to various other universities and high-schools. The site gives the opportunity to the users to create their profile, add your known friends, chat, & send text to one another, upload photos, videos and status updates.

User profile/ timeline- The user profile is basically the individual user pages, where one can create a profile with pictures, videos, list of personal interest, their educational or work background, contact information, life events, family, & relationships, and many more added details. Users can communicate with their friends via chat, messages, and can share images, and video content.
News feed- News feed was announced on 2006 that appears on users homepage providing information about events, video, or picture uploads, birthdays, new status, and others. There is a share option that allows users to share the events in their profile if they find it interesting and worth sharing with their fellows.
Like and the Comment button- The like & the comment button is present under every status or picture updates that enables the users to admire and appreciate the status updates of other users. The like resembles a “thumps up” sign and in the comment box you can remark anything admirable of your choice.
Following- The Following option is added on September 2011, which was known as “Subscribe” button but a year later changed to “follow” where users can subscribe to a page and follow their public posting without getting them add to your friend list.
View Activity Log- This option allows the users to view their own activity in Facebook. This helps them to see the exact date and time that they have changed their profile, update information, liked, commented or followed other pages.
Notifications- The notification option shows the list of names who have liked and remarked at your post, pictures, and updates. Even if you are tagged with your name in other images it will get notified in your profile.
Find Friends- Through this option you can find your friends, colleagues, and other fellows.
Settings- This is the most crucial option in Facebook, which allows to change your password, name, login id, and certain features that will help you to secure your account. There are many more options available where you can choose what you want to display to your friends and what you want to share publicly.
Facebook became the fastest company to reach the market capital of $250million. With time it became quite popular among every age groups and crossed over 1.44 billion monthly users.
It became the most popular social networking site in almost every English speaking country but is limited to Japan and China.
It won numerous awards including the “Top 100 classic websites” by PC Magazine, “People Voice Award” by the Webby Awards, and Crunchie for “Best Overall Startup or Product.” Facebook has almost 7000 workers with offices in 15 different countries.